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2007-1-24 · During the year ended December 2005 significant increases in Australia''s EDR were recorded for diamond (132%) and iron ore (12%) (table 16.2). The increase in Australia''s diamond EDR is due to a decision to proceed with underground mining at the Argyle mine and a related upgrade of around half of the mineral resource to ore reserve.

Geology & GeoSciences jobs in Asia Pacific

Senior Mine Geologist. Eliwana, WA, Australia; Competitive; Fortescue Metals; Fortescue is now consistently producing 175-180 million tonnes of iron ore per year and has an exciting future ahead as it diversifies from a ...


2021-8-16 · As the world economy recovers, record iron ore prices have driven a surge in export earnings. 2020–21 export earnings are estimated at $230 billion, up almost 7% on the record set in 2019–20. Australia is the world''s largest producer of lithium and a global top five producer of gold, iron ore, lead, zinc, and nickel.

Mutooroo Iron Project area, Australia

2021-11-24 · Case study: The Mutooroo Iron Project area, Australia. This is a great example of developing a geologically-based magnetic model using a variety of interpretation, modelling, and inversion techniques. Due to limited constraining data on the magnetic units, construction of the starting model was based predominantly on interpretation of magnetic ...

Mapping iron oxide Cu-Au (IOCG) mineral potential in ...

2019-10-1 · Iron oxide Cu-Au deposits were recognised as a distinct class of ore deposits following the discovery of the Olympic Dam Cu-U-Au deposit in South Australia in 1975 (Hitzman et al., 1992). Since this time numerous IOCG deposits have been discovered globally, and previously known deposits have in some cases been re-classified as IOCG deposits.

Geological Survey of Western Australia (GSWA)

Accelerated Geoscience Program New datasets will accelerate understanding of the State''s geology and mineral prospectivity More Exploration Incentive Scheme (EIS) EIS supports exploration in Western Australia through precompetitive data …

The Iron Ore, Coal and Gas Sectors | Bulletin – March ...

Overview. Australia has abundant supplies of natural resources, including the second largest accessible reserves of iron ore in the world and the fifth largest reserves of black coal. Known accessible deposits of these commodities are …

GFG Alliance in Australia | GFG Alliance

Through SIMEC, GFG Alliance owns iron ore mining assets in Whyalla and iron ore bulk handling facilities at the Whyalla port. SIMEC''s mining activities also includes coking-coal operations at Tahmoor. SIMEC Energy Australia is growing its capability as a supplier of renewable energy. When you join us you''ll have the opportunity to make your ...

Iron-Ore Deposits of Western Australia—Geology and ...

Although abundant iron ore was reported in Western Australia in the 1890s, only a few easily accessible deposits attracted interest before 1960. Intensive exploration since 1960 has increased the indicated and inferred reserves from a few hundred million to 24 × 10 9 MT. Most of the ore is high grade, and 95% of it is in the northwest of the ...

The Iron-Ore Problem of Lorraine

iron-ore basin in Europe, and one of the finest in the world. The magnitude of the iron-ore reserves of Lor-raine - both German and French - may be indicated by a brief description of the region in which these de-posits are located and a comparison with the total re-serves of Europe and with the leading iron-ore fields in other parts of the world.

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2021-12-9 · Geoscience Australia. Australia''s Critical Minerals Strategy 2019; Australia''s Energy and Mineral Resources Investor guide 2020 edition (available in English, Japanese and Korean 한국어) Australia''s Energy Commodity Resources 2021; Iron Oxide-Copper-Gold Potential of the Southern Arunta Region

Mineral geoscience : The University of Western Australia

Western Australia has many of Australia''s major mineralised regions, with gold, copper, nickel and iron ore in host rocks formed in a wide range of tectonic settings. UWA earth science researchers make the most of the State''s mineral wealth resource and the School has established an international reputation in mineral geoscience research.


2021-12-3 · Buzzard Iron Ore mining lease paves way for 300 construction jobs 26 Nov 2021 Peak Iron Mines, hematite, investment, iron ore. In another sign of South Australia''s burgeoning mining sector, a mining lease for the...

Australian Mineral Resources

Australian Operating Mines (Feb 2015) Spreadsheet of all mines including their synonyms, state, GPS co-ordinates and commodities type. Australia''s Identified Mineral Resources (2019) Annually released report by Geoscience Australia. The historical 2018, 2016, 2015, 2014 and 2013 editions are also available.

Iron Ore | Geoscience Australia

 · In 2018, Australia''s EDR of iron ore increased by 3% from 2017 to 49 604 Mt (Table 3). Similarly, there was a 4% EDR increase of contained iron to 24 122 Mt (Table 4). EDR attributable to magnetite deposits have decreased by 1%, likely due to re-assessment of projects and inactivity in the magnetite industry.

Magnetite: South Australia''s potential

2021-12-6 · The iron oxide mineral magnetite as Fe 3 O 4 has a mass percent of 72.36% Fe and 27.64% O and typically occurs as a natural ore containing 15–40% Fe. Historically hematite direct shipping ore (DSO) has been the preferred source of iron ore globally, with significant resources located on several continents, including Australia in the Hamersley Range, Western Australia.

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New Australian Resource Reviews for gold, iron ore and zinc, lead and silver are available on the Geoscience Australia website. The reviews cover the Australian inventory (Ore Reserves and Mineral Resources) of these major mineral commodities, their production, potential resource life, world rankings and recent industry activities.

Iron Ore | Geoscience Australia

2021-12-8 · Geoscience Australia is the national public sector geoscience organisation. Its mission is to be the trusted source of information on Australia''s geology and geography to inform government, industry and community decision-making. The work of Geoscience Australia covers the Australian landmass, marine jurisdiction and territories in Antarctica.


Plenty of excitement at the Tasmania Geoscience Forum about gold, tin, tungsten, copper and iron ore prospects coming online around the state! #tasmania #mining Reply on Twitter 1466302802179747850 Retweet on Twitter 1466302802179747850 1 Like on Twitter 1466302802179747850 8 Twitter 1466302802179747850


2006-1-20 · Australia has the fifth largest iron ore holding in the world. According to ABARE Australia''s production of iron ore in 2004 was 231.0 Mt, which was 18% of world output, making Australia the world''s third largest producer. Iron ore was a major contributor to Australia''s export income in 2004 with 210.3 Mt valued at $6.1b exported. Manganese ore

Genesis of High-Grade Hematite Orebodies of the …

2019-7-4 · The Hamersley iron ore province of Western Australia contains world-class high-purity hematite orebodies hosted within Lower Proterozoic banded iron formations at Mount Tom Price, Mount Whaleback, and Paraburdoo-Channar. New evidence indicates that the orebodies are structurally controlled along old normal fault systems that formed during a ...


2021-5-18 · Iron ore was Australia''s largest source of export revenue in 2020. 70k EMPLOYMENT The industry was a significant employer in regional Australia in 2020. 51Gt RESOURCES Australia has the worlds '' largest economically demonstrated resource (EDR) of iron ore. $396m EXPLORATION Exploration expenditure by the iron ore industry in 2020. Iron …


2020-2-12 · Key outputs Iron ore, gold, lithium Victoria Resources jobs 16,000 Economic value $5.2b Share of economy 1.2% Exploration $102m Key outputs Gold, coal, antimony Reasons to invest in Australia Reputable, reliable supplier of global minerals & metals Australia is a proven source for mineral and energy commodities.

Former mines

2021-12-3 · The Department for Energy and Mining (DEM) acknowledges Aboriginal people as the First Nations Peoples of South Australia. We recognise and respect the cultural connections as the Traditional Owners and occupants of the land and waters of South Australia, and that they continue to make a unique and irreplaceable contribution to the State.

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Geoscience Australia | Iron Ore Ⓦ Iron (Fe) is a metallic element which constitutes about 5% of the Earth''s crust and is the fourth most abundant element in the crust. Iron ores are rocks from which metallic iron can be economically extracted. OreSome Resources | Iron Ore fact sheet [PDF] Iron ore is a rock from which metallic iron can be ...

5. Production | Geoscience Australia

2021-12-2 · Australia is the largest exporter of iron ore in the world and accounted for 44% of total world iron-ore trade in 2012 (Figure 5.10). Three of the world''s four largest iron ore exporting companies, Rio Tinto, BHP Billiton and Fortescue Metals Group, are based in Australia with operations in the Pilbara region of Western Australia.

Quantitative Mineralogy from Infrared Spectroscopic Data ...

Iron ore and waste rock mineralogy were extracted from the infrared spectroscopic reflectance data using the geometry (depth/wavelength) of continuum-removed reflectance spectra, with depths of absorption features proportional to mineral abundance and wavelength positions proportional to chemical composition.