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tant copper-producing state. The cen-tury of copper mining at Bingham Canyon, for example, has had an enormous economic impact on Salt Lake County, as well as Utah as a whole. Similarly, copper mining at Eureka (Tintic district) and Park City also proved

North America''s Largest Open Cut Copper Mine Bingham, UT

Front: NORTH AMERICA''S LARGEST OPEN CUT COPPER MINE, BINGHAM, UTAH Back: 31861 Particularly noted for its large producing copper mines. Bingham Canyon is famous for its mills, smelters, and ore mines. A complete review of the industry can be ...


Operation. As one of the largest copper producers in the United States, Rio Tinto Kennecott comprises approximately 11 percent of U.S. annual copper production. …

World Copper Production at a Glance

Bingham Canyon (USA) Sentinel (Zambia) Toromocho (Peru) Olymipc Dam (Australia) Click on the image below to view the infographic showcasing the top 20 copper mines by production capabilities, along with the owners and what other materials were produced.

The Largest Copper Mines in the World by Capacity

 · The Largest Copper Mines in the World Copper is one of the most-used metals in the world, for good reason. Global copper production has expanded with populations and economies, especially in China, which consumed 54% of the world''s refined copper in …

Top 10 Copper Producing Companies

 · It supplies about 18 percent of annual US refined copper requirements from its Bingham Canyon mine in Utah. Through a joint venture with Freeport-McMoRan, Rio Tinto has a 40 percent share of production above specific levels at Indonesia''s Grasberg mine until 2021, and 40 percent of all production after 2021.

Kennecott Utah Copper: Bingham Canyon Mine

The Bingham Mine set new world records during World War II for producing the largest amount of copper used by United States Allies. Today: Massive Output, Hazardous Pollution Today, the mine is the second largest supplier of copper in the United States; it …


and relative rank of the different producing States, the figures for 1904 being those prepared ... produced from its copper ores, Bingham and Tintic yielding 109,968 ounces, the ores also carrying 2,572,582 ounces of silver. The Arizona mines yield more gold ...

Bingham Canyon Mine Landslide | Amusing Planet

 · Bingham Canyon has been producing copper since 1906, and supplies 25% of all copper used in the United States. More than a century of mining activity has resulted in a massive crater that is 970 meters deep and 4 km wide. The hole is such a spectacle that

Innovations in Copper: Mining & Extraction: Producing copper nature''s way: Bioleaching

A decision will be made in late 2002 regarding construction of a plant capable of producing 25,000 metric tons of cathode copper per year. 15 BHP Billiton and Codelco, in a joint venture, Alliance Copper Ltd., are constructing a demonstration plant at Chuquicamata, in northern Chile, that will produce 20,000 tons of cathodes a year starting in 2003 using Billiton''s patented BioCOP™ process.


test copper isotopes as an exploration tool because of the extensive knowledge about the geology and formation of the deposit. The Bingham Canyon Mine, a porphyry Cu-Mo-Au deposit that is among the largest producing copper deposits in the world (Cooke et

The Top 10 Copper Producing Countries | Nasdaq

 · The Top 10 Copper Producing Countries. In 2009, Chile was the largest copper producer in the world, with an output of 5,320,000 metric tonnes. The largest copper mine in Chile is the Minera ...


Most copper is mined or extracted as copper sulfides from large open pit mines in porphyry copper deposits that contain 0.4 to 1.0% copper. Sites include Chuquicamata, in Chile, Bingham Canyon Mine, in Utah, United States, and El Chino Mine, in New Mexico, United States.


producing copper in 11 different counties, although the Kennecott Bingham Canyon Mine was by far the largest producer. Copper was shipped from the state in several different stages of processing. These included refined copper (copper used for manufacturing

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Escondida, Chile • The highest producing copper mine in the world • It''s 2007 production of 1.483 Mt u was worth US$10.12bn • 4km long, 3km wide and 645m deep Bingham Canyon, USA • The world''s deepest open pit mine at 1,200m deep • Has been in

Copper Price

Most copper is extracted or mined as copper sulfides from large open pit mines in poryphyry copper deposits containing 0.4 to 1.0% copper. Inventories of these deposits are highly concentrated in North and South America. Sites include Bingham Canyon Mine

Metals – Utah Geological Survey

Copper is the most valuable mined commodity in the state, making Utah the second-highest copper-producing state, behind Arizona, in the U.S. Modern mining has its roots in Utah when in 1906 Daniel C. Jackling made the decision to mine the Bingham Canyon copper mine using open-pit methods and utilizing steam shovels and railroad.

List of copper mines in the United States

 · The Top 10 Copper Producing Countries. In 2009, Chile was the largest copper producer in the world, with an output of 5,320,000 metric tonnes. The largest copper mine in Chile is the Minera ...


Salt Lake City, Utah Our Kennecott mine is a world-class, integrated copper mining operation located just outside Salt Lake City, Utah, in the United States. Kennecott has been mining and processing minerals from the rich ore body of the Bingham Canyon Mine since 1903, and is even today one of the top producing mines in the world. ...

Top 10 deep open-pit mines

 · Also known as the Kennecott Copper Mine, Bingham Canyon produced about 179,317t of copper, 279,200 ounces of gold, 2.4 million ounces (Moz) of silver and 20 million pounds (Mlbs) of molybdenum in 2012. The recoverable reserves at the open-pit exceeded 2 ...